The first home game of the season against Bilston started off with a bang and a whirlwind of squash racquets.

5th string James Roberts vs Paul Ruck (2-3)

This fixture started off with James Roberts playing Paul Ruck exchanging point for point in a gruelling first game ending with james  clinching the first 18-16 and the second in a similar manner 16-14.

The third however James had lost his mojo or Paul had found his but the next three finished of the game (4-15) (8-15) (8-15).

4th string David Scott vs Mark Smith (3-1)

This being Davis Scott’s first appearance for the team I was expecting some first time nerves but there was none to be seen. David proceeded to take the first 15-11 the second after a long batter 19-17. Lost the next 11-15 as he was recovering from the last mammoth game and managed to hold out in the last to clinch it 18-16. A good win for his first appearance.

3rd string Andy Williams vs Simon Pearce (1-3)

Andy found the new scoring system difficult to adapt to with its inherent pressure and after a relatively tight first game (10-15) quickly found himself 2 down as Simon asserted his deceptive style of mixing up his short and length game. Andy briefly found some form of his own taking the third 15-11, but a long and tight 4th game ensued. Had Andy taken his 2 matchballs in the tie break, it might have been a different outcome, however Simon prevailed 18-16 taking the 3-1 win for Bilston.

2nd string Nick Hill vs Aid Wrynne (1-3)

The first game Nick and Aid where trading shot for shot, both scrambling round court to stay in the game, Aid just managed to clinch the first (11-15). In the second nick was having none of it and quickly found (14-8) but it took him 5 game points to score the last point to win the second (15-13). After that although closely contested and despite a string of consecutive points for nick in the third, the game slowly fell into the hands of Aid (10-15), (12-15)

1st string Gary Snowden vs Matt Limb (1-3)

The first game of the match Gary’s play looked sharp, he was taking balls early, picking them off at the centre line, and before his opponent know what hit him the first game as over (15-9). Halfway through the second game Gary was leading (10-5) when his fitness failed and lost (10-15). The next two games were not contested, Matt stormed through to win (4-15), (6-15).

In the end the points awarded 8 points to 13(18) so only 5 points in it. Well played team!