Team Captain Steve Coppard reports:

The first team have played three games in the last two weeks.

The first was an away cup tie at Repton 2 from the first division.

Jon and Steve went on first and despite good performances were both beaten 3 -0. Next up were Stuart and Richard who both played good squash which went to 5 games. However, whilst Stu triumphed Richard lost, so the tie was lost.

Sam went on last at number 1 and was out blasted by a hard hitting opponent  3 – 0.

We then travelled to Burton for a league game against their third team.

Steve and Andy Hill kicked things off  and in two good games,  Andy triumphed in 5 whilst Steve lost in 4.

Next up saw Richard and Sam, who both won comfortably in straight games to seal the win.

Stu was clearly under the weather and lost in 4 games but an overall haul of 16 points.

This week we travelled to play 2nd placed Rolls Royce on totally unheated courts, more like fridges than courts!!

Jon started first and despite getting blasted off court in the first, fought back to win in 4 games.

Steve meanwhile attempting to get the ball warm on the glass back court lost in straight games.

Richard followed Steve on court and won comfortably in four games despite taking his foot off the gas in the 3rd game and start of the 4th.

Stuart won easily and quickly in 3 games to ensure another win.

Sam was last on and did not mess about winning in short order as his opponent only managed 5 points in the 3 games.

Overall 17 points won 5 conceded to take us 12 points ahead of Rolls Royce into second in the table.

Next up on the 5th March at home against the league leaders – Queens Park  Your support will be much appreciated.