Team Captain James Roberts reports on the latest exploits in the Central League with 2 matches best forgotten:

Our Central League team, competing in only its second winter season, has undoubtedly progressed but the last 2 away matches against 2 of the strongest teams have demonstrated how far we still have to come to compete with the best, despite some spirited displays.

Last Tuesday (17th Feb) we travelled to Wolverhampton, a well established and traditional club with lovely courts to play on, including one almost brand new court (brought into commission only in August 2014).

Wolves had a strong line up, anchored by the talented Treble brothers at 1 and 2, and 2 of their best women players at 4 and 5 (Captain Kate and Steph), with the experienced Clive at 3. We all promptly struggled against their consistent shot making and good tactics, winning just a solitary game in the no. 5 match so notching only a single point (20-1).

It would not get any better for us in our next match yesterday (Thursday 26th Feb) away at Four Oaks. This time however, our consistency was even more on display, with all players succumbing 3-0 (20-0). Even the usual spirited display from Nick ‘Rodriguez’ Hill could not gather us a solitary point.

Four Oaks have a strong line up and were all playing well – apparently even Captain Nige notched what according to his teammates is a rare win, although it should  be recalled that he also won when they played at our place. He must be wishing he could play us every week …

We will dust ourselves down from this hiccup in our season and look to get back to winning and points scoring ways v Oak Park at home next week.