Richard Coulthard reports:

Lichfield 2 played their second away game in the Derbyshire Winter League on Wednesday against Duffield 6. A harder fixture than their previous outing but the fixture was won relatively comfortably overall only marred by defeat at 5th string.

Mike Allen won his second match 3-0 with his opponent pushing him close in the third.

Rob looked very comfortable in the first game against Wayne but the games alternated to 2-2. He fell behind in the third, 8-3 down at one point but came back to win in the closest match of the night.

Mark won 3-0 against Sue fairly comfortably and Richard lost 3-0 at number 5 (fairly uncomfortably).

Ben had a fast and furious game against Nathan losing the first but finding his rhythm the further he went into the match to win 3-1 overall. He does however now understand that his racket has to be raised to claim a stroke, even if the ball is about to strike his opponent and said opponent fully agrees it is a stroke. Rules eh?!