Richard Coulthard reports:

Lichfield 2’s winning start to Division 5 continued with another relatively comfortable home victory in a league/cup double header against Duffield 7 on Thursday 7th December.

Richard lost at number 5 to the youngest player he’d ever played. He was relieved to learn later that he was at least 14 (he looked younger!).

Alan won easily in the end at number 4 after a close first game.

Mike had another close first game as he tried to get used to Pascal’s unique approach to serving. That achieved, Mike speeded the game up and the second and third games were fairly straightforward for him.

Mark seemed determined to play a five game match. Contriving to lose the first two 9-1, 9-1, he took the third by the same score and after a very competitive fourth, won the fifth 9-6. There were some excellent rallies especially in the last two games.

Ben had a comfortable win again at number 1, finishing before Mark’s match was over.