This was a very close match against the self-dubbed Burntwood ‘Despearados’ (B team), with both teams by and large closely matched throughout.

This was most definitely the case in the no. 5 string match, with new boy for Lichfield Gary pitched against Desperados captain Neil. The games were closely contested all the way, with the serve constantly switching meaning each player had to edge towards the game win. Neil took took the first, with Gary taking the next 2, the 3rd going all the way to a tie break. Neil then leveled the match in the 4th taking it to a 5th set decider, which had a bit of a joke ending, Gary seemingly unable to convert an 8-4 lead into a match win, wasting 8 game balls in the process. He finally prevailed at the 9th time of asking, much to the relief of the crowd (and even possibly Neil’s fellow Desperados!).

The no. 4 match, James v Mark, could not have proven more of a contrast, with Mark’s canny volley interceptions and drops proving to be the quick undoing of James’ game. Mind you, it kind of felt like James was determined to feed Mark’s game, often playing height and width shy cross-courts straight onto Mark’s racket. Mark to his credit took these chances well and consistently. 3-0 to Mark.

The number 1s took to the court early as Lichfield’s player Mark had some domestic duties to attend to. This was an entertaining affair, as is usually the case when Mark and Ade play each other, with some good retrieving from both players, but ultimately Mark’s pacey length game prevailed – 3-0 to Mark.

Nick ‘Miguel Angel Rodriguez’ Hill then faced Tim of the Desperados in the no. 2 string match. Tim had not played Nick before so was not prepared for the reason for Nick’s new nickname – he dives around the court retrieving like the famed Colombian pro player. Tim was playing great squash, putting the ball into those parts of the court that did not contain Nick, but as is Nick’s way, he was often found diving around and scraping the ball off the floor before the second bounce, only to pick himself straight back up to retrieve the next shot. Despite losing the first, Nick edged into the lead 2-1 but his consistency then seemed to desert him, meaning that even his retrieving was unable to prevent the 3-2 loss.

This set up a deciding match at no. 2 – Andy v Matt – which at first looked like it was going to be a close affair, Andy edging the first game. However, Matt then started to commit quite a few unforced errors, allowing Andy to dominate the next 2 games, bagging Lichfield a 3-0 win and 3-2 victory overall (18-8).

An enjoyable match overall, as is always the case between these 2 teams, with good post match banter and company. We look forward to the return fixture in March and in the meantime will be readying ourselves for the visit next Wednesday 17th December of high=flying Burton Manor. #GoLichfield