Mike Allen reports:

The team went to play Burton 6 on Wednesday evening hoping to extend their unbeaten record. First on were Richard playing at 5 and Alan at 4. Richard lost the first game but by playing a good line and length, he won the second game. Unfortunately it went downhill from here and the game was lost 3-1.

Alan was playing well and he was evenly matched with his opponent. However Alan was hit (quite hard) by one of his opponents shots and then, to add insult to injury, he was then hit on the face by his opponent’s racquet. It made contact with his nose and eye and Alan was unable to continue. Thus when Mike and Rob took to the court at 3 & 2 string, the pressure was on.

Mike, having been irritated by his opponent Ben hitting the ball back to himself numerous times (and very hard) during the warm up, was surprised to find himself winning the first 9-1 and then being 7-0 up in the second. However his shoes developed that special adhesive that stops him making any attempt to run round and he found himself 8-7 down. The glue wore off so he won 10-9 and then polished off Ben in the third.

Rob discovered he was playing an unconventional opponent, full of unexpected shots to unexpected parts of the court and the ability to retrieve the ball from anywhere and ran out of stream to find himself 2-0 down. Despite rallying to win the third, he was unable keep it up (or indeed in when serving) and  lost 3-1.

This left Mark, playing at 1, to salvage some honour which he duly did by beating a rather grumpy Bob 3-0. This match did provide at least a modicum of entertainment for the spectators, with the piece de resistance of Mark performing a very elegant pirouette at the back of the court (having been going forward for a drop shot which Rob turned into a lob) and produced a boast which Bob failed to see until it had bounced twice over his feet! Needless to say this did not improve his mood. To be fair, Bob had already played a league game at 6.30pm so was only drafted in at short notice.

The evening ended with excellent fish and chips and the team hoping to play better in 2015.