Mike Allen reports:

Lichfield 2nds played an enthusiastic but perhaps inexperienced team from Alfreton last Thursday. Mark Davey opened the proceedings playing at string one as he had to return to work. He won the first two sets with some ease, but then his opponent staged a comeback especially as Mark lost his normal line and length. The third game was over quickly, but the fourth was a bit of a cliff hanger, which Mark lost 8-10! The fifth set was also hard fought, but Mark prevailed 9-7.

Next up were Ben and Rob. Rob won 3-1, having dropped the second set 9-10, having been well in the lead and in control. However his opponent staged a fight back to take the game after several game points for each player. In the three games that Rob did win, his opponent only managed to win nine points in total.

Ben won in straight sets, playing an opponent who was keen, hit the ball very, very hard, but was relatively new to team squash. The first few points of the first game were evenly contested, but once Ben realised that he was getting into a “who can hit the ball the hardest competition” and started to play with more touch and finesse, he started to reel off the points and the result was never in doubt.

With the overall result secured, it was left to the two (more) senior citizens of the team, Rich and Mike, to complete the match. Both won with some ease against inexperienced players. Rich won the competition to see who could concede the least points (six) and Mike enjoyed practicing hitting into the back corners, although his legs did complain bitterly the next day.

The team’s next match is against Duffield 7 on Thursday 4th December and this will be a “double header” as the match for both league and the knockout cup.