Our Mission
“To provide members with the means of playing squash and associated racquet sports and to encourage participation in these sports for players of all ages and ability”

The popularity of squash has declined over the last twenty years and needs encouragement at grass roots level to bring through players of all ages and ability. In contrast Racquetball is very much a sport in the ascendancy and opens up racquet sports to a wider market.

The Club shall be run on a non-profit basis with the benefit for members to have a small cost saving whilst making use of the leisure centres in Lichfield.

Membership of the Club is open to all. We will strive to attract a balanced membership of men, women, family and junior members. In particular we will focus on attracting youth to participate in sport, acquiring sporting skills from senior established players within the club.

The annual fees will be £15 per annum. Youth participation will be encouraged by offering lower entry barriers in terms of membership fees. Favourable rates will also be offered to those in full time education / training and the unemployed.

Squash Racquet Association (SRA)
The Club will affiliate to the Squash Racquets Association and abide by its regulations and standards. Teams will be formed and entered into the county leagues and supported to achieve their full potential.

The club will have access to the facilities of the two council leisure centres in Lichfield, Lichfield, King Edward V and Friary Grange Leisure Centres. Booking of courts at King Edwards Leisure centre can be made on the club booking section of the website – www.lichfieldsquash.co.uk/court-booking

Underpinning the communication of the club will be a website located at www.lichfieldsquash.co.uk. The site will support the fixtures and results of our leagues and provide details of up and coming social events. Dicussion forums will allow members to share their views and keep up to date with happenings in the world of squash and have access to specialist retailers for the latest equipment on the market.

We will endeavour to provide coaching to improve the skill of all players at all levels to allow players to achieve their full potential (preferably by SRA trained coaches).

Election of Members
Candidates for membership should complete an online application form. For those without access to the internet can request a membership form from the receptions of the two leisure centres. The subscription is payable on an annual basis.

Resignation from Membership
Any member who no longer wishes to remain a member of the Club should send notice to this effect to the secretary. Any member whose subscription shall be unpaid for two years shall cease to be a member of the Club.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the months June, July, August but in any case within fifteen months of the previous AGM. It shall approve the accounts, elect Officers and committee members for the ensuing year and consider any other business laid before it.

Officers of the Club
The Officers of the Club shall be:

· Chairman

· Secretary

· Treasurer

· Committee Members

· All of whom shall be elected at the AGM to hold office for a period of one year. The committee charged with running the affairs of the Club shall consist of the above plus two General Committee members.